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'Change the way you view birth and the way you birth will change'

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My training


- Conscious birthing Doula preparation 

- Conscious birthing Advanced Doula preparation 

- Ante natal wisdom antenatal teacher training

- Radical birth antenatal teacher training

- Arvigo abdominal/womb massage therapist

- Abuela Doula training 

- Ayurvedic pregnancy massage

- Pregnancy nutrition 

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About Me


My name is Gabriella Molina I am a mother to four beautiful children.

My journey through motherhood helped me realise my life’s purpose.


I am passionate about supporting families through conception, pregnancy, post natal and the stages of parenthood. 


While raising my family I have worked as a chef. This experience has given me  the awareness of the power of good, wholesome food. I use this knowledge within my role as a doula: feeding mothers through pregnancy and the sacred post natal period. 

I believe that a mother should be nurtured through all stages, holistically. 

Each individual requires support in different forms: the depth of my knowledge enables me to nurture body, mind and the essence of the pregnant person I care for. The effects of this have a positive impact on the whole family.


My role is to guiding the transition, so the past and present can marry together to create a balanced parent.


Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity: the person you have become through all these years. It took me a while to feel comfortable with that.


We are unique, so is each birth.


I used Gabriella as my doula  and placenta encapsulation for the birth of my second baby. 

She was amazing at our antenatal sessions, filling me with confidence and knowledge to prepare me for the birth. During my labour she was incredibly supportive, offering everything I needed from hypnobirthing relaxations to a hand to hold, and much needed cups of tea! 

She also helped my husband to stay calm and not panic, so it was a positive experience for him as well. 

Thanks to Gabriella I was able to give birth without any drugs or interventions and this meant that our daughter had a smooth and un-traumatic entry into the world. 

We highly recommend her and her birth services to any expectant mothers.   -   Rachel & Baby Lily


One to one birth education


As a  doula/antenatal teacher I always recommend that the people I work with have had birth education. This is the best way to walk into the birth of your baby empowered and knowledgeable. This means:

  • Hypnobirthing techniques, allowing you to be calm and in control,

  • Understanding how the body works in pregnancy mind, body and spirit, 

  • Releasing all previous experiences or stories that may be present even without you knowing in your subconscious.

  • We delve into your thoughts on birth and your birth partners to clear possible negative patterns and get you ready to create your own story.

  • We look at your rights within birth and how we can assure that your wishes are heard.

  • Looking at the body and how we can prepare both physically and mentally and how you can bring this into your birth space with hypnobirthing and comfort measures.

We spend some time looking at how best your birth partner, if present, can support you.

We also review your other options such as Doulas.


Included in the course is early parenting, the precious post natal period and breastfeeding.  

You get to spend time with a breast feeding consultant to ask any questions and you are not left alone as we have a closed Facebook group so you can have continued support along your way into parenthood.


Group antenatal classes


All of the education but In a group setting where you can meet other parents to be.

Classes are filled with laughter, packed with information, goodies and nutritious food provided by Red Jacks catering.

Post natal food delivery


The post natal period is a sacred time where we learn about our new bundle and we adapt to our new role as  parents, be it your first baby or subsequent births.


Many cultures across the world recognise the importance of the first 40 days post birth but this can easily be overlooked in our busy western lifestyles

During this time out bodies are transitioning into our new role and this brings demands both mental and physical.

Just as we prepare for birth we should also prepare for our post natal period.

I am passionate about supporting families during this time. I have seen how the right support has a positive impact on the whole family.

After the birth of my first baby and with very little support I found it hard to nourish myself with cluster feeding and having not prepared in advance nutritious meals as having   no idea how tricky this can be. I practically survived on food that I could grab with one hand whilst holding baby on the other, unfortunately this mainly consisted of ready meals with low nutritional value. This had an impact on the beginning of my motherhood journey.  

With my experience as a chef and co-founder of my catering company plus my training in nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum I am able to provide healthy, nutritious meals individually designed to best support a range of  dietary needs.  


Providing meals for families means they can fully emerge into their baby bubble with one less thing to worry about  knowing the meals will provide them with all that is needed to help heal body and mind, all made with love.


Please contact me for more information and check out Red Jacks Catering


Doula Support


I provide traditional birth support from as soon as you need me.

For some this may be support during the early months of pregnancy to help guide you through a time of many questions right through to me being on call for your birth from 38 weeks onwards. 

I am at the end of the phone or answer emails and tea meet-ups to reassure you, I am the ear that never tires of hearing all things pregnancy and parenthood.

This may be baby 2,4 or 6 and you may have a wealth of support but just need someone to be there throughout your birth to hold your hand.

With my knowledge  of essential oils, touch and comfort measures learnt from across the globe, both ancient and modern techniques gained from birthing 4 tiny humans and being present at many others I will be a pillar of advocacy and support. 

You may need support primarily after the birth when friends and family support bubbles can be  reduced and you want somebody to cook you nutritious meals and help with the chores that you need not be thinking about, a listening ear, an open heart, an extra pair of hands and friendly encouragement from someone that has been there.

Maybe it’s all of the above.

My doula services can be adapted to your specific needs and this can all be discussed at our initial consultation which is a free 1 hour appointment where you can ask all the questions you need to see if I am the doula for you.

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Arvigo Maya womb/abdominal Therapy

Arvigo therapy is founded on ancient Maya healing techniques from Central America. Arvigo helps to improve the function of the reproductive and digestive system. Helping to promote the flow of lymph and blood to and from your organs.
The therapy is a combination of massage therapy nutrition and herbal treatments.
Working in unison to deliver holistic healing.
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